Sleep Center Ocean County Monitors Sleeping Disorders

Sleep Center Ocean County Monitors Sleeping Disorders

Sleep center Ocean County diagnoses disorders suffered by children and adults. The family physician refers them to the facility and specifies the testing to be performed. Qualified technicians record important information which helps doctors determine the correct course of action.

Signs of abnormal routines include problems drifting and staying in blissful slumber, snoring, sleepwalking, and restless legs. Daytime activities are affected by being tired, cranky, and waking up with headaches. Other health issues are depression, mood swings, lack of concentration, hypertension, abnormal heart rate, heart disease, and stroke.

The most common study is the polysomnography or PSG which is an overnight study. Electrodes placed on the head and body gather information involving snoring, brain waves, blood oxygen level, leg and eye movements, muscle tension, breathing, and heart rhythms. A camera and audio recorder are also located in each room. Although the doctor on staff briefly explains the results the next morning, a full report is available within two weeks.

Testing conducted to monitor daytime tiredness is a Multiple Sleep Latency Test. During daytime hours at the center, patients are prompted every few hours to take naps. Medical technicians note when they go into a slumber and what stage occurs.

A common disorder is apnea which affects men more than women and causes longer than normal pauses between breaths. People who are obese, diabetic, or regularly use tobacco products are most at risk. Delayed reactions, decreased motivation, lowered blood oxygen levels, impaired eyesight, loss of memory, and difficulty making decisions can occur due to this health issue. Uneven respiration resulting in decreased oxygen and carbon dioxide amounts in the bloodstream causes this occurrence. Another reason is a blockage in the air passage or the passage itself briefly collapsing which also causes snoring.

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Narcoleptics suffer disturbed nighttime rest which causes them to succumb to naps during daytime hours quickly and unexpectedly. Strong emotions may trigger extreme muscle weakness in the face and legs causing collapse and difficulty speaking and seeing.

Nocturnal epilepsy and frontal lobe epilepsy causes seizures that the person is unaware of. They only realize something happened during the night upon seeing nearby possessions knocked over, themselves laying on the ground, or urinated bedding in addition to injuries and a throbbing headache. REM Behavior disorder causes sleepers to kick, punch, yell, jump, reach out to unseen things, and walk around while dreaming.

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