Flat Abs Fast – How to Lose Belly Fat

Flat Abs Fast - How to Lose Belly Fat

Medical authorities believe that having a belly fat is one of the foremost health problems common among all the people in the world.

Studies shows that belly fat, especially those found near the organs can cause health risks for men. Knowing how to lose belly fat is beneficial to your health.

Several diseases can be attributed to the presence of belly fat, such as: Hypertension, diabetes, stroke, heart ailments, cancers and insulin problems.

The build-up of belly fat for men is due to sedentary lifestyle and undesirable eating habits.   As you get older your metabolism slows down which contributes to accumulation of belly fat for men and menopause for women.

Both genders are likely to get fat easier in the belly as they grow older, but this can be stopped.

There are two key factors that can help reduce body fat: Proper Diet and Exercise. As easy as it may sound, the only thing that is needed is firm commitment and resolve to remove the surplus of belly fat.

There is no such thing as “spot reducing” when it comes to elimination of fat, even though it was popularized for several health clubs during the early 20th century.

One of the mechanisms of our body is that it stores fat evenly. One may think that going on a diet to just  reduce the belly fat, but this will also decrease fat in other areas in the body.

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Belly Fat Reduction Diet

As a result  from you reducing  your calorie intake ,your  body will consume the muscle tissues first before the reserved energy in the guise of fat is burned.

Calorie usage should be commensurate to age, status, and gender.

For example, a 55 year old guy with average height and overweight should  exercise 3 times a week  and take in 2500 calories per day to retain his normal weight. Same goes for a 70 year old guy which requires roughly 5% less calorie.

  • He must burn 2,000 calories per day to decrease his weight
  • He must burn 1,700 calories per day to significantly lose weight

A female of the same age needs to burn 2300 calories to retain her normal weight,

  • She must burn 1800 calories per day to decrease her weight
  • She must burn  1700 calories per day to significantly lose weight

A 70 year old woman needs around 6% less calories to maintain her usual weight.

A tool called “calorie counter” is needed to measure belly fat loss  and this can be downloaded from several internet websites. The goal here is to reduce the diet by 5% according to your age and gender.

Muscles are built through a proper belly fat reduction program paired with strength and resistance training. For newbies, it will suffice to perform a weight resistance program, while for advanced users, they should utilize the free weights to perform their program.

  • Sports walking- Start your walking in a moderate pace for 30 mins per day. As you get the hang of it, gradually increase the pace.
  • Free Standing Squats- Stand upright with separating both feet apart to some extent, arms extended in front, perform a squat in the air until both thighs are parallel to the ground. Repeat squats for 100 times.
  • Free standing Twists- With hands on your hips, stand upright and then twist your body to your right then to your left. Repeat twists  100 times.
  • Calf Raises – Lie down, and place your toes on a piece of 2×4 and lift as far as possible, pause for 2 counts and then lower your heels until it touches the floor. Repeat calf raise  100 times.
  • Push Ups- Position yourself to a prone manner, then position your hands near your shoulder; raise your body at arms length and maintain a straight position in your torso. For novices , they should begin on their knees, but for advanced users they should be already using their toes. Repeat push ups 25 times.
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These are TIPS should help you learn how to lose belly fat. If you want to improve more on this training, visit some local gym or workout center and let them give you a weight training program.

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