How to Create Curls to the Hair with the Plate

How to Create Curls to the Hair with the Plate

Love the soft curls that frame the face but do not want to spend hours in front of the mirror wielding brush and a hair dryer? You have to go to a party and are thrilled with the idea of getting the hair limp? No fear! Follow this simple guide and you’ll discover how the use of a common plate will save you time, ensuring perfect results and no damage to the tips.

First you have to wash your hair and dry them very well. Remember that a good drying is essential to get any hairstyle. At this point, my advice is to spray a thermal protector on the toes, which may otherwise be damaged due to prolonged exposure to heat. The product is easily found by hairdressers and if you use it regularly you will avoid having to resort to frequent ribs to eliminate split ends and brittle strands.

As soon as the sprayed thermal protector hair are ready for the realization hairstyle. Take the plate and heat it to a temperature average. The temperature is important to obtain a: if the heat is excessive you risk of burning the ends of the hair, since the operation must take place very slowly. As soon as you have achieved the desired temperature, take a strand of hair and close it in the plate.

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With the lock plate inserted in fairies now a 360 ° turn. The rotation must be Volstead like a piece of spaghetti. Start very slowly descend down. Do not rush because the result depends on your patience. If you get off quickly with the bushing plate will not be good. But do not wait too long, the movement must be continuous.

Now repeat the process with another pair of strands and then sprayed the lacquer strong or extra strong if you have thin hair or very straight. The lacquer is essential for a good seal of curls and if your hair is very smooth to apply it every bushing. Then repeat the operation strand by strand, always and do not forget a touch of lacquer, until you have completed your hairstyle.

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