As Grooming, Hair

As Grooming, Hair

The backcombing. Choose to grooming, hair is a way to give volume and fullness to the hair. This trick gives movement to the hair or run only on the upper section can become an integral part of the original hairstyle. Let’s see the steps as grooming our hair.


The backcombing can be performed on all types of hair, even fine, but be careful not to break the stem and create hateful nodes. For a long-lasting effect is better not to do this to clean hair. The tools will be in our favor: a tail comb to help us divide the hair as well as a hair dryer to volumizing and no beak.


Now pettiniamo well back our hair and divide your hair into sections starting from the triangular face with a longitudinal line, by reference to three-quarters of the eyebrow, and continue on the same side mirror. Continue so for the side sections, taking as reference ears, and back of the head. Remember that before making any hairstyle hair should always be well groomed. We focus on the triangle of hair front and and divide into smaller clumps of two or three centimeters.

Tense we take up the first strand, the; bending accentuate the volume, and spettiniamola the contrary for the entire length up to roots. The movement will be vertical as when poinsettia normally our hair, the only difference is that the comb fits on the back of the trunk capillary and brush in the opposite direction. We repeat the gesture several times until all of the hair is not well will be knotted to the root pantai lampung. The same movement is repeated for all the locks.

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Tips and Fixing

We use a fixative spray and a hair dryer to “dry” form for those who have little hair spray is recommended fixing spray also on new growth to emphasize the volume. You can choose to spray fixative before cottontail to support better the hair comb we finished our work, resting gently brush the surface of the bubble to eliminate frizz the combing is not healthy for the trees that weakens easily broken, so choose for special events, and let’s not become a daily routine.

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