How to Cut Bangs Depending on the Shape of the Eyes

How to Cut Bangs Depending on the Shape of the Eyes

Hairstyles with bangs are always in fashion, there are many types and lengths and can be used to hide a defect of the face or just because they like or to renew a look that has made ​​us tired. If you feel like cutting bangs to brush your hair, you just need to choose the one that suits you. This guide explains how to cut your bangs depending on the shape of the eyes.

There are many types and styles and sometimes find what suited our needs can be difficult. They can be great, short, thin or compact, side or jagged. The choice of the right fringe depends on the type of hair (if it is curly or smooth, thin or thick), from the face shape (square, oval, round) and the type of eyes.

The length of the fringe depends on the face must be covered or left uncovered. For example, if we have eyes large and widely spaced discovery should be allowed a little forehead. So you will have to opt for a cut and staggered a few centimeters long. The space that remains “open” tends to bring the eyes and makes it smooth. If, however, the eyes are small and too close to the nose (close) it will take a long fringe that touches the eyebrows. This length gives a consistent look and proportionate.

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In general it can be said that a straight line, ie a horizontal cut tends to stretch the eye line while a line that goes down the side and frames the face has the opposite action, that tightens also plays a curve holding action, so a flat horizontal fringe that ends with two points that define the eye area is suitable for anyone who has a look too open.

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