Treatment Of Cellulite With Endermologie

Treatment Of Cellulite With Endermologie

Endermology is the latest cellulite treatment technique that claims to make the fatty cells disappear. Endermology uses small rollers which gently massage the area where cellulite has developed.

Working Of Endermology

Endermology experts claim the rollers are squeezing out additional fat and other material from the cells. This fat is removed from the body after the rolling using suction similar to liposuction. The treatments need to be performed twice a month and can be very costly.

For years, it has been thought that massage could help people to get rid of cellulite. Endermology combines both massage therapy and liposuction together in order to remove unwanted fat from the body.

With all cellulite treatments only time will tell if Endermology is worth spending time and money to get rid of cellulite. Other cellulite treatments are used which may prove even more efficient. And gene therapy may finally find the gene which causes cellulite production in the body. Remove the gene and one may be cellulite free for life.

Even though, Endermology is not so famous cellulite treatment option, but there are women and massage therapists who believe in its power. If nothing else, endermology is a good way to get a massage, especially if a person is stressed out and needs a way to relax. Massage therapy will smooth the skin, but only temporarily.

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Where To Get Information On Endermology?

Endermology can only be performed in a dermatologist’s office or plastic surgeons office. Consultations are usually free and can provide a person with useful information. Ask questions about the procedure before starting any therapy program.

Do not expect results immediately. It could take months to see any results. Some women claim the therapy works, while others say it does not. There is always a risk of limited results with any procedure.

Many therapists claim it can take over a year to see any significant reduction of cellulite in women. But if it will make a person feel better about themselves, endermology might be worth looking into.

At present there is such cellulite treatment which can completely eliminate cellulite from our body. Only gene therapy which is still being developed offers any hope of eliminating cellulite.

By comparing genes of those who have cellulite with those who do not, scientists are getting closer to finding the gene that causes cellulite to form. The production of cellulite in our body can be stopped by removing this gene.

This is good news for those who have a lot of cellulite and who spend lots of money trying to make it go away. But until that gene has been located, other therapies may help reduce the appearance of cellulite, which is enough for some women.

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Endermology shows temporary results for some women. They say the cellulite disappeared, but returned in a few days. Continual treatment will be essential to keep the cellulite from building up again. For some women though, this is adequate to keep them going back for other cellulite treatments.

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