Lose Weight Fast on the Blood Type Diet

Lose Weight Fast on the Blood Type Diet

Do you know your blood type? Well, according to Dr. Peter D’Adamo, creator of the blood type diet, each blood type has a specific type of eating style that is right for them.

Want to know what to eat?

Type A people should eat a diet free of red meat which emphasizes vegetables.

Type B people thrive on dairy products. Type AB people should eat a balanced diet.

Dr. D’Adamo and other followers of the Blood Type Diet believe that when you eat in a way that is conducive to your blood type, you will feel healthier and more alive.

Does following this type of diet mean that Type O people should only eat meat products while type B people drink glass after glass of milk? No, that would be unreasonable. Of course you can eat sensibly from all of the food groups, but you should base your meals on the foods that work best for you. A full reading of the book Eat Right for Your Type can help you to determine what foods are recommended or to be avoided.

While it may be true that this diet works from some people, it is widely discredited by much of the medical community. Many doctors say that Dr. D’Adamo’s theory is not based on any sound evidence and that the references that he provides do not really support what he says they support.

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If someone following the diet achieves weight loss, it is more likely due to the fact that they’ve begun eating healthier foods or have reduced their overall caloric intake.

Additionally, this diet could be difficult to follow if you are unable to eat the foods recommended for your blood type–for example, a vegetarian who is Type O or someone who is Type B and lactose intolerant. Dr. D’Adamo has very little to say about this besides the fact that he presents one style of eating and if it doesn’t work for you, you can easily find another plan.

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