The Best Life Diet

The Best Life Diet

The Best Life Diet was created by Bob Green, who is Oprah’s personal trainer. Because Oprah herself endorses his plan (and who in America hasn’t seen Oprah’s weight fluctuations?), it is very popular indeed. In fact, you’ll even note that many foods in the grocery store bear the “Best Life Seal”, helping consumers to make good choices when they are shopping.

One of the biggest challenges for people trying to lose weight is to break bad eating habits. In fact, most people don’t eat because they’re hungry! They eat for a variety of other reasons…boredom, sadness, celebration. And it’s these times that we’re most tempted to turn to junk foods. Mindless eating of junk food, or other fast convenient foods is what causes many people to gain weight.

The Best Life Diet takes on this type of emotional eating. It helps you to retrain your body so that you eat only when you are hungry, and to make healthy food choices when you do eat. Couple this with an exercise program and you have a recipe for natural, healthy weight loss.

Besides addressing the important issue of emotional eating, the Best Life Diet doesn’t restrict any foods. This is where other diets tend to fail. Of course, everyone knows that ice cream isn’t a healthy food choice, but it tastes good and everybody wants some now and then. On other diets, ice cream is forbidden. Because it’s forbidden, you may have a tendency to overindulge, causing you to “fall off the wagon” and go back to your bad eating habits.

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However, you can eat ice cream (or any other food you might like) on the Best Life Diet. The important thing is to not eat too much and not eat it all the time.

There’s a subtle difference between “eating healthy” and “going on a diet”. One will make you feel restricted, unhappy, and obsessive. For many people, this is a sure path to failure. The other will make you feel healthy, strong and proud. The subtle difference between words actually has a very big difference in meaning.

The Best Life Diet works because it helps you to create a healthy relationship with food. It changes your eating patterns and habits which makes it easy not just to lose weight, but to keep it off. Most people need a lifestyle change, not a diet, in order to achieve the type of body they really want.

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