Natural Remedies Against Electric Hair

Natural Remedies Against Electric Hair

During the winter, the hair tends to become electric. This ugly phenomenon is generated by a buildup of static electricity in the hair, caused by the combined action of dry air and cold water, and the use of wool sweaters. Its foliage begins to stick to your clothes or flutter in the air. In this guide we will see together some natural remedies against electric hair.

First, choose carefully which brush or comb to use. You prefer brushes with natural bristles and wooden combs with wide teeth. To be avoided are the tools that should be in plastic to increase the electrical charge of the hair.

Avoid the plate, and use the hair dryer only at low temperatures. Even though it is often used to obtain a good fold, the heat is extremely damaging to the hair. At first the electrical effect will be eliminated, but in a few hours you will find yourself with a flowing mane and indomitable.

Be careful how you wash your hair: the most effective way to combat the electrical effect is to wash the hair with chickpea flour. Pour into a bowl 3 tablespoons flour (more if you have a very long hair), slowly add water until you have a paste the consistency of yogurt. If you have dry hair I suggest you also add a tablespoon of honey. Once you have your compound, use it in place of shampoo: Wet hair, apply the pap, massage for a few minutes, rinse and use conditioner.

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Avoid terry towels, in favor of microfiber cloths. In addition, to remove the excess water from the hair does not rub down, but tampon kindly. In this way both decrease frizz and the electric. As mentioned in the opening one of the causes of the dry air is electric, so let’s reduce the effects of keeping the hair moisturized. Before drying apply a leave in composed of a oil and a gel, hair loss. Choose a suitable oil to your hair (flax seed or coconut oil if you have oily hair, almond oil or olive oil if your hair is dry) and versatile two drops in the Mom. Now add a natural gel (aloe gel or flax seeds for example), the important thing is that it is free of silicone and alcohol. Rub it all in your hands and then pass them on wet hair, concentrating on the ends.

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