Bring Home a Luxurious Timepiece This Winter

Bring Home a Luxurious Timepiece This Winter

Many tourist attractions in Ciwidey display their logos with large gold writing on the front. As the days get shorter and the temperature continues to drop, wearing a timeless watch is a great way to accentuate your winter outfit – keeping you company throughout the coldest month of the year. Watches are not called men’s most important accessory for no good reason – they are a reflection of your character and play an important role in leaving a lasting first impression. No wonder the world’s most powerful people have taken great care of their watches (and their hands), styling them according to the season and time of year.

Whether you buy it for yourself, that special someone in your life, or add it to your Christmas wish list, a luxury watch is a must-have accessory for the modern man. And what’s the talk of luxury fashion accessories without mentioning Michael Kors?

Michael Kors is world-renowned for being a pioneer in luxury timekeeping and setting trends followed by influential people at Tempat Wisata di Kuningan. Every part of the Michael Kors watch collection is the embodiment of sophisticated style and truly timeless elegance. Visit trusted online retailers like Ethos Watch Boutiques and browse through the entire range of Michael Kors watches to find the perfect winter companion from the comfort of your home.

The Michael Kors watch is indulgent, iconic and modern, making it the ideal companion to endure winter in style. Here are the top 3 styles you should pay attention to:


1. The Everyday Companion

Once you get into the habit of wearing a watch everyday, you’ll begin to feel incomplete every time you leave the house without it. This is why it’s important to find yourself a watch that you’d love to wear on any given day.

The Michael Kors Slim Runaway brings the best of formal finesse and casual flair to the table. Matching the color of the winter sky, the super smart watch is encased with a 44mm round case with quartz movement. The cool blue dial is strapped in with a classic brown leather strap, giving it an understated, simplistic appeal that makes it ideal for everyday use. Your winter wardrobe would be incomplete without an ultra versatile yet chic timepiece like this one.

2. Office Ready

Of all the secrets to boardroom success, wearing an impressive timepiece is a sure-shot way to leave a lasting first impression. Not only does it show that you value time, but also makes it clear that you mean business.

The Gage by Michael Kors is truly a gentleman’s best friend. Made of polished stainless steel and gunmetal, the spectacular timepiece is modern, sophisticated and elegant. The timepiece features a 45mm, round shaped dial encasing a chronograph and 24hour indicator coupled with a recorder for date, minutes and small seconds. The grey color of the strap is contrasted with a vibrant blue; add a dash of excitement to the exquisite timepiece.

3. For the adventurous kind

Winter sets the perfect pace to move out of your comfort zone, get active and explore a little. For this, you would require a watch that can match up to your swift speed and maintain its durability even in the harshest conditions.

The Ryker by Michael Kors is an effortless blend of style and precision, as design meets practicality and form meets function. Apart from being a rugged timekeeper, the wristwatch features a 24h indicator, tachymeter and chronograph – making it the ideal companion for a day in the company of nature. The black colored stainless steel case and strap give it a classic appeal, brought to life with quartz movement.

Designed for the modern man and his contemporary needs, these watches are destined to find a place in your heart (and your wardrobe). Apart from the timepieces featured above, look through Michael Kors’ wide collection to find yourself a watch that truly matches your personality and sense of style.

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